UNSW has a number of affiliated organisations, providing quality accommodation and high levels of pastoral support to students.

Each provider will have their own application processes and selection criteria.

Please contact them directly if you need further information.

Creston College

Creston College has been an affiliated residential college of UNSW since 1970. The college provides a supportive and academically conducive environment to 25 undergraduate and postgraduate women of all denominations and nationalities, providing opportunities for students to participate in academic, cultural, social, spiritual and sporting activities.

Creston puts a premium on academic development, with a supportive study program driven by resident tutors and academic mentors. In addition, public lectures and inter-disciplinary conferences are organised to broaden the horizons of Creston residents and friends.

Stylishly furbished and well-maintained, with meals prepared in-house and a dedicated staff, residents enjoy a family setting away from home where life-long friendships are made.

E: enquiries@crestoncollege.edu.au
W: crestoncollege.edu.au

International House

International House is a home away from home for 170 co-educational residents. With a balance of postgraduate and senior undergraduate students, the College provides an ideal atmosphere for students seeking a quiet and mature environment.

Cultural diversity, tolerance and a cross-cultural understanding are at the heart of International House and you can get to know people from all over the world.

With an extensive program of cultural, social and sporting activities, the residents’ society works closely with staff to create a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring personal growth and academic success amongst all residents.

E: international.house@unsw.edu.au
W: ihunsw.edu.au

New College

Founded on the Christian faith and values, New College is a friendly and supportive community with an outstanding academic profile. With 247 young men and women residents, approximately 45% achieve a distinction average or higher every year!

There’s a team of tutors and resident advisors providing academic support and pastoral support to all students and the social, cultural and sporting programs at New College are almost unmatched at UNSW. Every year, new collegians enjoy an exciting social program; run a musical/play and revue; volunteer in remote Australian and overseas communities and compete at all sports in the Inter-College competition.

New College is an outstanding place to make friends and live on campus at UNSW.

E: newcollege@unsw.edu.au
W: newcollege.unsw.edu.au

New College Village

Founded on the Christian faith and values, New College Village (NCV) is independent living in a college environment, encouraging open dialogue about worldviews, accepting residents of all faiths (and none).

With regular activities such as barbeques, dinners, music & cultural nights, research seminars, bible studies, weekly suppers and social events around Sydney, there’s also a team of tutors and senior residents providing support and encouraging academic commitment.

NCV is a safe, friendly, caring community where 315 postgraduate and undergraduate students from many countries experience a sense of belonging at UNSW.

E: newcollege@unsw.edu.au
W: ncv.unsw.edu.au

Shalom College

Shalom College is a small and friendly community accepting students of all faiths and backgrounds.

With an active resident society responsible for organising regular social, cultural and sporting activities, and a team of live-in tutors providing out of hours support and services to residents, Shalom is truly a great place to live.

Shalom enjoys a diverse and inclusive community of residents who value academic achievement and participation in both college and university life.

E: shalom@shalom.edu.au
W: shalomcollege.unsw.edu.au


UniLodge @ UNSW, is a 10 minute walk from UNSW and is designed to provide a secure and comfortable living environment for UNSW Foundation Year students, UNSW undergraduates (under/over 18) and/or associated UNSW Institution students.

The customer service staff on site provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where students from diverse backgrounds can develop socially as well as academically.

E: unsw@unilodge.com.au
W: unilodge.com.au/unilodge-unsw

UNSW Village

UNSW Village is managed by global student accommodation specialists, Campus Living Villages (CLV).

With extensive national and international experience, CLV specialises in developing and managing vibrant student-centred living communities incorporating stimulating indoor, outdoor, private and shared facilities where residents feel right at home.

UNSW Village offers an ideal balance between living on campus in a student community and independent living. Academic support, pastoral care and a wide range of activities and events are an essential part of life at the Village.           

E: info@unswvillage.com.au
W: unswvillage.com.au

Warrane College

Warrane College has been a home away from home for thousands of male students since 1970. In the tradition of Oxbridge Colleges, Warrane supports the pursuit of academic excellence and all-round personal development within a community of university students, teachers and researchers.

The college provides regular opportunities to interact with the wider community through local events with leaders from public life, business and academia.

Warrane strives to help residents become well-rounded individuals and men of character, equipped to make important life decisions with an awareness of the bigger picture. There’s a strong sense of belonging, trust and mutual support at Warrane and there’s never a dull moment!

E: info@warrane.unsw.edu.au
W: warrane.unsw.edu.au