The Dean is responsible for overseeing the daily management of all aspects college life, supporting both the students and residential staff in making sure the college is safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Andrew Hall

Dean, Basser

I was a student at UNSW Sydney, completing a double degree in Commerce and Arts in 2008. Having grown up in Coogee, I was late to discover the UNSW College scene until my 4th year of studies, but noticed how passionate College students were and how involved they were in University life.

Since graduation, I have worn many hats, beginning my career in Finance, before moving abroad and working in Digital Media, before returning back to Sydney in the Education sector. I have been working at UNSW Sydney for over three years in the Alumni & Engagement team, most notably organising the Basser College 60th Anniversary.

This event really opened my eyes to the incredible community that has long been cultivated at Basser, and the immense pride and fondness that residents have for their College. During this event we had well over 400 Basserians attend – Basser truly is a place where lifelong friendships are made!

I hope to continue the great tradition of promoting a well-rounded education focussed on academic performance, social, sporting and community activities in a safe, inclusive environment.

What cheers you up?

Morning swims down at Coogee Beach and bushwalks in the Blue Mountains.

What inspires you?

Surrounding myself with people who are passionate about and commit whole-heartedly to whatever they do, whether it is work, family, friends or hobbies.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of going to Margaret River. It had it all: beautiful beaches, brilliant people, amazing nature, great food and wine. Going again can’t come soon enough!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

A behind-the-scenes shot of our wonderful Basser residents taking part in Mardi Gras celebrations.

What would your karaoke song be?

All Night Long, Lionel Ritchie – guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Deputy Dean

Sarah Haynes

Resident Fellows

Resident fellows (RFs) are staff members of UNSW and typically in their final years of study or already holding a degree. RFs live with the students on their floors and provide daily academic and pastoral support. RFs aren’t teachers, but they’re a little like a supportive older sibling with loads of experience to pass on and a willingness to help guide the residents. Current Resident Fellows include:

Laura Wratten
Resident Fellow

Tom Houlden
Resident Fellow

Kendy Capnerhurst
Resident Fellow

Lachlan Kirkland
Student Fellow