The College is home away from home for 170 coeducational residents. There is a balance of postgraduate and senior undergraduate, as well as overseas and Australian students.

The College provides an ideal atmosphere for students seeking a quiet and mature environment as well as the opportunity to meet friendly students from all over the world. Cultural diversity and tolerance are important concepts at International House. The Resident's Society works closely with the staff to create a supportive environment that will enable residents to achieve academic success, personal growth and cross cultural understanding. An extensive program of cultural, social and sporting activities are available for residents and guests of the College.

  • Cultural diversity

  • All-inclusive environment

  • Senior undergrads preferenced


At International House, we place a great emphasis for the well-being of our residents. We offer many in-house facilities to make them feel as at-home and comfortable as possible, throughout their stay at IH.

These include the comfortable and spacious living and common spaces found throughout the building, rooms and equipment for sports and games, study areas as well as the all-important kitchen and dining facilities.

I found the IH collegiate living experience to be quite unique. A diverse, welcoming, kind bunch where I could blend active social participation with some serious studying in whatever ratio I preferred.

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Harshil Trivedi

Medicine Student


  • Comfortable and spacious living and common spaces
  • Rooms and equipment for sports and games
  • Study areas
  • Kitchen and dining facilities


Room Types & Fees

Room type
Contract Period1
Weekly Rate2
44 weeks
  1. Some colleges offer flexible contract period. Please contact each individual college to confirm their contract options.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2021 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full year contracts. Single term contracts, if available, might incur a higher weekly charge. Please contact provider for details.

Senior Undergraduate students preferenced. The contract period is from 6 February to 11 December 2021.