UNSW Hall on the move! The old, and well-loved building that has housed many generations of students is being evaluated for either full renovation or decommissioning in 2019. Residents will be moving to a temporary location for the period of evolution.

Here are a few key pointers for you to keep in mind if UNSW Hall is your preferred college option on campus:

  • Residents of UNSW Hall, both old & new will move to another location from 2019 whilst a new facility is being built.
  • A part of UNSW Village is being used to house the college residents and will be rebranded as UNSW Hall in the interim.
  • The rooms provided will be single occupancy rooms within a multi-bedroom apartment format so the individual bedrooms will be similar in size and fit out – bed, desk, wardrobe etc
  • UNSW Hall residents will continue to have their own common areas, study spaces, as well as communal dining.
  • There will be a slight annual increase to residential fees (in line with previous years) but no more and catering and room servicing will still be provided.

UNSW has a proud history of providing college life for students and is committed to continuing the community that is UNSW Hall. UNSW Hall is forging its own traditions and culture and aims to be inclusive, positive and to assist students in the transition from high school to university and from adulthood into young leaders.


  • Value for money

  • Broad mix of students

  • Activities catering for everyone

Student support

You’ll be supported by an on-site team comprising of the Dean, Deputy Dean and a team of Resident Fellows (or RFs). Every floor has an RF, and their job is to provide academic guidance and pastoral support and ensure each and every resident is looked after.

Academically, you’ll also be supported by a college-wide tutorial program. Aimed at first year undergraduate students, the program offers mentoring in most academic fields. You can also attend study skills seminars, helping you make the transition from high school to university a smooth one.

I love the positive vibes at UNSW Hall. Everyone has a chat and says G’day as you’re walking down the hall.

Avatar of Zac Bush

Zac Bush

Law/International Studies


  • 44 week occupancy
  • Fully furnished
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Breakfast & dinner provided
  • Wi-Fi, electricity, gas and water included
  • Cleaning of rooms fortnightly
  • 24-hour campus security

Room Types & Fees

Room type
Contract Period1
Weekly Rate2
44 weeks
  1. Some colleges offer flexible contract period. Please contact each individual college to confirm their contract options.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2020 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full year contracts. Single term contracts, if available, might incur a higher weekly charge. Please contact provider for details.

The contract period is from 8 February to 16 December 2019.


Dylan Carter

Deputy Dean

Commencing University, let alone moving so far from home, is an enormous step into one's independence, and a nerve-racking feat for all of us to venture. For many students, UNSW Hall becomes that safe home away from home, a second and a supporting community of likeminded, intelligent individuals that challenge them to achieve their very best, make life long friends, and ultimately be themselves! Throughout the year you're supported by a team of Resident Fellows who are always just a door knock away for pastoral care or academic support.

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Will de Dassel


My time at UNSW Hall so far has been without a doubt the most fun, challenging, and transformative six months of my life so far - that's why I'm incredibly excited to be coming back next year into our new building! The people without a doubt are the defining factor of Hall. In our short time we have built such a strong community that values inclusivity as well as independence, academic success and making the best friends of your life. I'm excited for all the events we'll have next year and meeting all the new residents who will join our community.

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Kyra Lee


After living in three different cities, I have never felt the same sense of 'home' until I came to UNSW Hall. Everyone is just so friendly, helpful, inclusive, motivated and supportive despite coming from very different backgrounds. I have made lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories through all the fun sporting, social, cultural and music events we have throughout the year.

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