Warrane College is a residential community of 140 male university students and academics. Our residents understand the importance of preparing for their future roles in society, and the College supports their development.

Warrane College promotes academic excellence and a community atmosphere. In the tradition of Oxbridge colleges, Warrane offers opportunities for personal, academic and professional development.

By having one Residential Tutor for every 11 students, as well as a team of Academic Tutors, the College is able to help residents get the most of university life.

The quality of the food, general cleanliness and furnishings of the College facilitate the development of residents into well-rounded individuals - men of character. Warrane seeks to equip students to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.


  • One Residential Tutor for every 11 residents: to help you feel welcome and support your development.
  • A full team of Academic Tutors covering all major subject areas: over 30% of residents achieve a Distinction average.
  • Three fully catered meals 7 days per week (health and religious diets can be arranged).
  • Cleaning of every bedroom, bathroom and common area three times per week: because it helps!
  • A formal dinner every week with a high-profile speaker: an unrivaled opportunity to expand one's horizons and network.
  • Occasional faculty events with a leading member of a given profession: that is your work experience sorted.
  • A library with independent desks: the best study area on campus.
  • A fully equipped seminar room and four tutorial rooms.
  • A workshop for engineering and design projects (a range of tools are also available).
  • A "coffee club" with the guys from your floor four nights per week (including a cake for your birthday).
  • A gym equipped with everything a man needs.
  • Community service opportunities available every week.
  • A yearly overseas "workcamp" to volunteer your time and see the world.
  • A chapel: because from time to time we all need some peace and quiet.
  • Washing machines, dryers and irons included in your fees.
  • Brand new high-speed wifi throughout the building, with unlimited data (with reasonable usage limits)  


Room Types & Fees

Room type
Contract Period1
Weekly Rate2
44 weeks
44 weeks
  1. Single term contracts are currently not available due to high occupancy numbers, please contact office for more details.
  2. Weekly rates are for 2024 and are expected to change each year. Rates shown are for full year contracts only.


356 Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW 2033

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