The Kensington Colleges' provide opportunities for students to hold leadership positions and get involved in the wider community.


The Kensington Colleges’ provide many opportunities for residents to develop their leadership potential and skills.

There are countless avenues for all residents to play a significant part in a range of committees, activities and programs. Regardless of whether or not you’ve had prior experience as a leader in your school or local community. Everyone is encouraged to get involved and find their voice.

Elections are held every year for House Committees in each college, with positions such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Director, Social Director, Cultural Director and many more. These elected positions are charged with organising the daily activities within the college community. They manage budgets, schedules and administration responsibilities.

Each college also selects Orientation Week Leaders at the start of Term 1 and Orientation Weekend Leaders in Term 2. These leaders are responsible for welcoming all new residents to the community, ensuring the transition to university and college life is a smooth one.

But, one of the truly great things about life on campus is that you can be a valuable leader in your college without necessarily holding a formal position. You might just be a positive influence amongst your fellow residents; you might be involved in organising a community service program or perhaps driving support for a major fundraiser.

Get involved and embrace any opportunities to be a leader. Be open to diversity and challenge yourself.

Brianna Kerr

Baxter College (International Studies/Media)


There are also opportunities to meet and dine with leaders in the University and wider community. In the past, formal dinners have included speeches from the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, a High Court Judge, Chairman of the ABC, President of the NSW Legislative Council, an Australian Ambassador, a former Australian Wallabies Captain as well as the NSW Young Person and Female of the Year nominees.

Each college individually recognises the strongest and most engaged leaders within their college at the annual awards dinner. Further, ‘The Kensington Colleges Award’ is presented annually to one student from Basser, Goldstein or Philip Baxter who best demonstrates the qualities of academic excellence, college participation, leadership and service to the community.


There is a strong sense of community participation amongst all the students living on campus at UNSW. This manifests itself in sport, charities, social, community and cultural activities.

The House Committee regularly involves itself in community based charitable programs such as Shave for a Cure and the Myall Canoe Classic. The Community Directors and their respective sub-committees are also proud to organise and deliver major annual fundraising events in the form of a music concert or festival. This has regularly been in support of Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation and Arrow Bone Marrow. Community Directors also organise CleanUp Australia Days, Earth Hour activities as well as regular blood donation drives

On the sporting field, all colleges are well represented, and the intercollege sports competition sees a playing field inclusive of all skill levels. In the past, TKC has produced elite athletes including Olympians, Wallabies along with multiple State and National representatives amongst their numbers. It is not uncommon to turn up at a sporting event and find a large crowd of collegians on the sidelines cheering their fellow residents on.

Regardless of your skill level, sport has been an area of great inclusion and comradery. There are competitions in netball, rugby, cricket, water polo, tennis, basketball, hockey, athletics, soccer, swimming, touch football and many, many more!

The Kensington Colleges also boast jam-packed cultural programs. Each year, the Cultural Directors will arrange for discounted tickets to a number of plays and music performances around Sydney. The colleges also have bands (that compete for the coveted best-band prize!) as well as write, direct and star in their own plays.

With all this in mind, perhaps what’s best about The Kensington Colleges is the inclusive and supportive atmosphere. New ideas, activities and initiatives are always encouraged and students are supported in their individual passions and pursuits.

It is a community with strong traditions, but one that embraces and welcomes new opportunities and ideas.