Freshers, get excited for O-Week!

O-Week is about new students experiencing the fun side of University life, along with community, connection and well-known for it's freebies. A range of different information sessions from different UNSW Faculties, fun activities and games. Get to know all the different clubs and societies UNSW Community has to offer and try the variety of FOOD offers!

o week

Watch a clip of our past O-Week here.

Kicking off Term 1, students can enjoy the vibrant event all across campus or via livestream events. It is definitely an experience you'd won't want to miss out.

During O-Week is where students can make friends and lifelong connections!

Once you settle in and drop your things in your room. get ready for O-Week! what actually happens during O-Week you ask? 

UNSW Colleges

Each College will have a themed O-Week - some activities that takes place

  • Welcome by the Dean of Colleges, Dean of College and House Committees (HC)
  • House introduction
  • Info sessions
  • Icebreaker games and activities
  • Beach/Coastal walks
  • BBQ nights
  • Games, competitions
  • Dance Off
  • many more!


o week colleges

Watch what O-Week is like at Colleges here.

UNSW Apartments

Apartment residents will get a meet and greet session with UNSW Student Accommodation Staff, accompanied with lunch BBQ night on premise.


o week apartments

Here's a few highlights from our past events.