• What’s the $1000AUD fee in advance payment and is it refundable?

  • A fee payment of $1000AUD is required in advance as a deposit guarantee to accept your accommodation offer. This fee will then be subtracted from your final accommodation fee instalment (provided your room is left clean and there is no damages to your room at the time of check out).

    Refund process:

      1. request in writing

      2. one documented proof

      3. complete the Refund request form and please email us at accommodation@unsw.edu.au for further processing.

    Other circumstances where you may request for a refund:

    If you do not receive an offer to study at UNSW (documentation proof required):

    • Letter from Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) showing that your preference of UNSW was not offered
    • Letter from UNSW The Nucleus: Student Hub or Faculty Course Co-ordinator advising that you will not be offered a place or you were unsuccessful in your application
    • Letter from UNSW Admissions advising that you will not be offered a place.

    If your VISA application is denied (documentation proof required):

    • Letter confirming VISA application was denied
    • Letter confirming VISA application was delayed and will not be processed in time for your enrolment or contract start date.

    If you decide to defer your study for a term:

    • seek approval from the UNSW Student Accommodation Office
    • If approved, your accommodation offer will be deferred to the appropriate term and $1000AUD fee in advance will be retained.

    *This is not applicable for apartment bookings, however colleges are case by case.

    NOTE: For applicants in 2024 - if you do not receive an offer to study at UNSW and decline that offer, the $1000AUD fee in advance is refundable.

    If one of the above circumstances apply to you, please complete the Refund Form and email to accommodation@unsw.edu.au.