• What’s the check-out procedure?

  • We’ll inspect your room after you check-out, so please make sure you clean everything thoroughly to avoid additional charges.

    If we find anything to be in an unsatisfactory condition, you’ll be charged a cleaning or repair fee.


    • Wipe over all surfaces including the wardrobe shelves, study desk and shelving above and inside the drawer;
    • Vacuum thoroughly;
    • Remove any rubbish and food waste;
    • Remove all personal items; and
    • Remove scuff marks from the walls or any marks on the carpet.

    Bathrooms (if applicable)

    • Wipe the shower unit and shower screen (the glass doors must be clear and free of soap scum);
    • Clean the toilet;
    • Clean the sink;
    • Clean the mirror and shelf;
    • Clean the tiles;
    • Mop the floor; and
    • Empty the wastebasket.


    • For the colleges, check your pigeon-hole and remove any mail items;
    • Re-direct your mail and packages to your new address.

    Colombo House

    • Remove any food items from your allocated fridge, pantry and freezer spaces; and
    • Ensure your locks are also removed from your allocated fridge, pantry and freezer spaces.