• Is there air conditioning?

  • The Colleges (Basser, Goldstein, Philip Baxter, Fig Tree Hall, UNSW Hall and Colombo House) have been built to the highest standards to provide a comfortable environment and whilst the bedrooms aren’t air-conditioned, they do have a ceiling fan.

    For Apartments, Jacaranda Hall is the only apartment with air-conditioning, whilst University Terraces, Barker St, Cowper St and High St aren’t air conditioned. You can bring a fan or heater, but it’s very important the heater complies to certain standards for health and safety reasons. Heaters with an exposed element, small fan heaters and bar heaters are strictly prohibited. You should only use enclosed column heaters with a maximum capacity not exceeding 1,200 watts. 

    If you're not sure your heater is okay, please contact the Student Accommodation office for advice.