The Dean is responsible for overseeing the daily management of all aspects college life, supporting both the students and residential staff in making sure the college is safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Jennifer McLoughlin

Dean, Goldstein

Hi I’m Jen McLoughlin I have worked at UNSW in a variety of roles since 1993. My key focus has always been Student Services and within Faculties as a support and adviser to students. I am a lifelong learner and have a BA Communications from UTS, a Masters of Asian studies from UNSW and a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education from Charles Darwin University. Through these studies I have developed an appreciation of the challenges of balancing life and study and the support we need at times to achieve our goals.

I am an incredibly positive person with a deep understanding and empathy for the student experience. I am committed to motivating you and providing you with the right environment to enjoy university life and complete your degrees and beyond.

Goldstein College has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Being the smaller of the TKC family residents have a great opportunity to really get to know each other and share their experiences. The culture of Goldstein is collegial, supportive and inclusive. 

Residents are respectful and encourage each other to be their best selves. Goldstein College is an exceptional environment to grow and develop academically and personally. Long after you graduate you will always feel that connection to Goldstein College, your UNSW home. 

You are not alone. Transitioning from high school to university can be quite the leap. It can be hard to get into a groove to keep up with your work, social life and health and wellbeing. But we are, a team, and here to help you when you need it and celebrate you when you succeed. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Whilst I am far from being a Master chef my favourite thing to do in my spare time is to cook and bake. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a delicious cake being devoured and enjoyed by friends and family.

Favourite spots on campus?

I am hopelessly addicted to coffee and luckily we are spoilt for choice on campus for great coffee and pastries to get you through a busy day or to catch up with friends and colleagues.

How do you start your day?

I love mornings especially in winter when the air is crispy and chilly. I start every morning with a walk and a swim. It’s a great opportunity to clear my head and get ready for the day ahead. 

What music do you like?

I love listening to UK Grime and Folk music like Judy Collins. The music I listen to depends on my mood. If I’m feeling stressed out I will play something loud to shake it all out! I do like a bit of daggy dancing on the dance floor so unfortunately for you Goldies you may well have to see that at some point!

Favourite travel experience? 

My most favourite travel experience was when I volunteered for a month with SeeBeyond Borders and went to Cambodia to teach Khmer teachers how to teach maths and patterning to primary school children. The experience was life changing.

Deputy Dean

The Deputy Dean oversees the daily management of all aspects college life, supporting both the students and residential staff in making sure the college is safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive.


    Prudence Whiteley

Resident & Student Fellows

Resident Fellows (RFs) are staff members of UNSW and typically in their final years of study or already holding a degree. RFs live with the students on their floors and provide daily academic and pastoral support. RFs aren’t teachers, but they’re a little like a supportive older sibling with loads of experience to pass on and a willingness to help guide the residents.

A Student Fellows (SF) is assigned every year in Goldstein College. They’re a volunteer senior student whose role is to create and run a range of proactive wellbeing initiatives for the entire college. The SF works closely with the RF’s and Deputy Dean, ensuring the wellbeing of all residents is top of mind.


Goldie staff