Meet some of the students from Jacaranda Hall

Emily Wang


Degree: PhD in Psychology

Hometown: Henan, China

Describe Colombo in 3 words
Diverse, serene, and cozy

What is your favourite part about living in Jacaranda Hall?
I love the social, cultural and sports events held in Jacaranda. I feel very connected to the community through those events.

What’s your favourite place to eat around UNSW?
Pho house on campus or Taste of Thai in Randwick 

Can you speak more than one language?
I’m a native Chinese speaker and speak Mandarin fluently. And I also speak English. I took French courses in my undergrad so can speak a little bit of French as well. 

What's your go-to productivity trick?
I like to use the pomodoro technique when I work. It helps me stay focused and also helps me track the time I spend on each task.

What have you learnt from staying at Jacaranda Hall?
Living in Jacaranda is fun. I have met a lot of great people and have felt very immersed in the community. 

Any advice to students thinking about living on campus?
It’s convenient and fun and definitely worth a try! Explore the UNSW accommodation on the website and there are many options to choose from. Also ask around or send an email to the UNSW accommodation if you have any questions - they are very friendly and supportive.