The Community Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the daily management of all aspects college life, supporting both the students and residential staff in making sure apartments is safe, enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Maggie Loftus

Community Coordinator

My name is Maggie. I grew up in Sydney Australia so am very familiar with town. I’ve also been fortunate enough to explore out of Sydney as well, and go up and down the coast and exploring different towns. 

In summer I hit the beach quite frequently and go paddle-boarding, but winter is where its at – Avid snowboarder – I try to do a few trips in the season, I’m always happy to share some made footage of my trips. I love to cook – constantly whipping up a storm, my passion would be getting food at a restaurant and then going on a mission to make the same meal at home – my most recent go to would have to be making laksa and pho when it was super cold the last could of weeks. 

My highlight of living in Jacaranda Hall is definitely the variety of people – there so much multiculturalism here and its fascinating having a chat and meeting the students and hearing about their journeys. My favourite event at JH is Cultural Night – people are really into learning new languages. And having a good feed! 


How do you spend your free time?

I am a Serial TV binger – but I also love filling my weekends and spare time doing heaps of fun things. My weekends typically revolve around seeing friends, exploring Sydney and hike, I frequently go to Swans games down at the SCG or I will take weekend adventures, my goal this summer is to try and go camping a few times – just take swag and pitch it and just enjoy nature for 24 hours 

What music do you like?

I love music – but anything that give good positive vibes I'm there for. You can frequent hear me pumping tunes around the place – but anything from the radio to Aussie hip hop and EDM is my jam. 

What's your favourite place on-Campus?

Library Lawn – cause the food court is right next to it and then you can sit on the lawn – and eat and sun-bake 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I pretty self sufficient to be honest – I knit – I grow plants – I cook – I compost just sort of do everything! I think the another thing would be people don’t realise that I’m Half Vietnamese and completely fluent so it does shock people when I change language as well.

One life advice you would share?

Life is short and were young, make the most of your studies but don’t forget to enjoy the smaller moments – breathe in the fresh air of a new country, explore the surroundings, take steps to do things for yourself and make the most of all your experiences, cause one day you’re going to look back on it and be grateful for all the small things.

Community Assistants

Community Assistants (CAs) are volunteer student leaders whose role is to make sure each student has access to any support they may need and create and run a range of proactive wellbeing initiatives for all residents of Jacaranda Hall.

The CA team works closely with the Community Coordinator, ensuring the above goals are met.

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